Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are:

How long have you been marketing your quilting frame?

Since 1987, our original marketing was through stores, shows and word of mouth.

Is there an outlet in my area?

No, today our products are offered solely on the Internet and by word of mouth. This move was made to reduce the marketing cost of our products, a substantial savings that we have been able to pass on to our customers.

Can you send me a catalogue?

No, we believe our web-site does a better job of bringing our products to the consumer because of the picture enlargement feature on the inter-net. We also like the fact that if we decide to run a sale it is instantly out to the public. By not publishing a catalogue we have been able to pass savings on to our customers.

What are the main features of your quilting frame?

  1. Space saving
  2. Easy set-up and take down
  3. Easy operation
  4. Versatility
  5. Stability
  6. Design and Quality
  7. Cost to our customers

What materials are your frames made of?

Clear Hemlock wood, with over sized material used in the manufacturing of the quilting frame rollers. The twenty-two wood pieces that go into one of our frames are handcrafted to exact patterns.

Do your frames come finished?

Our products are finish sanded and shipped ready for finishing, this allows you the choice of using our frames in the natural state or finishing them to match your home décor. Plus, additional savings to the consumer.

What is the warranty on your quilting frames?

One (1) year against any defects in material or workmanship. All of our frames are fully assembled here and checked for quality, workmanship and ease of operation before packaging and shipping.

What is your return policy?

Thirty (30) days from purchase date, less shipping and handling, plus 10% repacking and restocking charge on unused merchandise. Purchaser is responsible for packaging and returning merchandise in original condition.

For returns please contact us at 1-866-263-6193 for packaging instructions.

A signed photocopy of the original shipping invoice and credit card receipt must accompany all returns.

What sizes do your quilting frames come in?

Our frames are 26” wide and 30” high. Two different frame lengths come in our standard package, 68” length for small quilts and extends to 96” for quilts up to Queen size. (A 120” optional roller kit is available to handle King-size quilts.)

Do you build custom size frames?

Yes, a custom size frame may be ordered in any length from 30 inches to 60 inches. These are a one size only frame. Allow two extra weeks for delivery. The mechanics and design features are the same as our full size frames.

Are your frames easy to set up and take down?

Yes, after original assembly one person can accomplish this in approximately two minutes. (Note: Frame may be disassembled for transporting or storage without removing the quilt from the frame rollers.)

Are your quilting frames stable?

Yes, this is accomplished through stabilizer design, heavy duty construction and quality materials.

Can one person install the quilt and operate your quilting frame?

Yes, with our specially designed rollers, gears and locking system, one person can install the quilt, move quilt from roller to roller and tension quilt.

How is the quilt attached to the frame rollers?

The frame rollers are designed with four flat sides to attach the quilt to. Thumb tacking the quilt to the rollers is the most popular way. Some prefer to staple it. Another popular way is to attach a 2” piece of twill tape to the rollers. The quilt is then attached to it. Twill tape instructions accompany your quilting frame package.

Do you make a three roller quilting frame?

No, having researched the function of the three-roller system we decided it offered little to the simplicity and performance of our two roller system.

How is tension applied evenly to the top and bottom of the quilt using a two roller quilting frame?

Bunching of the quilt bottom and batting occurs when the quilt is roller over the top of both rollers. With our unique quilt to roller system one end of the quilt is being rolled under one roller, applying pressure to top of quilt with the other end of the quilt being rolled over the opposite roller applying pressure to the bottom of the quilt. With this figure 8 application, tension is applied evenly on the top and bottom of the quilt, eliminating bunching of materials.

Is your frame a no-baste system?

Yes, the backing is installed to both rollers and rolled to one side. Then start top sheet and batting on the opposite roller, add batting as top and bottom sheets are rolled to that side. (A few safety pins may be used to keep sides aligned and batting in place while rolling, if desired.)

Can the quilt be prepared in other ways before installing to frame?

Yes, every quilter has a preferred way of preparing their quilt.  If you are comfortable with a certain way, use it. The most important thing is in installing the quilt to the quilting frame rollers. The quilt should be centered on the rollers evenly with both sides the same, so as not to create a bias.

Is there a cost difference for the different furniture end designs?

No, the mechanics of all of our quilting frames is the same. We offer the different end designs hoping to accommodate everyone’s personal design tastes.

Do you sell the plans for your quilting frames?

No, our frame rollers are manufactured from oversize material and the metal roller retainers are machined for us. These items would not be available to most people.

How much does your quilting frame and options weigh?

Standard frame package (two sizes in one) shipping weight---26 pounds
Optional 120” roller extension kit shipping weight----6 pounds
Optional 68” two piece tabletop shipping weight---40 pounds

Is there any time of the year when it is better to order frames?

Hard question to answer, spring and early summer is usually when our materials will take an increase. Summer, being our slow time, we do not make any price adjustments until the fall.

When I receive my quilting frame is it difficult to assemble?

No, your frame has been fully assembled here at our plant, and checked so that everything operates smoothly. Upon disassembly all mated pieces are marked before packaging. The only tool needed for assembly is a Philips screwdriver. Your frame will be delivered partly assembled. A complete step by step assembly instruction sheet accompanies your frame. From the time you open the shipping package until you are ready to install a quilt should be approximately 30 minutes.          

What will my total cost be?

Our web-site prices are reviewed monthly and show current selling price, shipping and handling, plus any specials we may be running. Selling price plus shipping and handling would be the total cost.

How long does it take to receive one of your frames?

In the United States and Canada it is approximately five (5) UPS working days.

NOTE: These questions have been compiled from letters, e-mails, phone conversations and memory. If you have any questions that we have not answered for you, please contact us.

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